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Farm Hands

@ Hallockville

Growing to Learn

Our Goals

Working with your hands and exploring the natural world around you builds resilience, confidence, and problem-solving skills.  The young learners at Farm Hands will foster their love of the outdoors and ask new questions which they will discover the answers to in their explorations of the land, animals and water.  They will come to understand what it takes to get our food and protect where it comes from.



Farms Feed Us

Learners at Farm Hands will use their senses to work the gardens and farm as they come to understand the work it takes to sustain where our food comes from.


Think, Ask, Explore, Do

Learners at Farm Hands will use their senses to take in and experience their environment.


The World Around You

Learners at Farm Hands will explore the spaces around them to experience first hand what they wonder.


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