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Take 2
Homeschool Collective with Farm Hands


Farm Hands' Take 2 Homeschool Collective will be hosting homeschool classes in Aquebogue in the Old Steeple Church classroom.  

Currently seeking parents and teachers with an expertise in academic as well as extracurricular areas who would like to join our team of teachers and design their own class(es) to be conducted in Take 2's Homeschool Collective's space. 

Take 2 with Farm Hands is a classroom space designed to be a cozy, flexible learning space.  Garden and playground included.

Kids Gardening


Art & Poetry
New York History

This 12-week program, taught by Emily Connolly and Karrie Coffey, is a class block starting with art *loosely* following the Profiles in Art curriculum by Blossom & Root. Students will study artists and their work, with hands-on art projects. The class will also include poetry where students will explore different styles of poems, learn poetic devices, read poetry out loud, and have ample opportunity to write their own poems. 


The history class will focus on New York State and how it has changed over time incorporating the study of geography, history, economics, and government. Students will have an opportunity to work with their peers and present topics throughout the 12 weeks. 

When: Tuesdays 9:45-12:15

Teacher: Emily Connolly and Karrie Coffey

Ages: 9+

Cost: $225 (dependent on enrollment)

Dates: Jan 9- Apr 2 No class Feb 20

There is a minimum number of enrollees for the class to run.

Students must be independent readers and writers.

Contact Emily with questions or to enroll.

Trekking Across the USA

This 12-week class will be a continuation of our journey across the US west of the Mississippi through games, art, shared books, map making, group building and crafting., focusing on the States' names, locations, history, National Parks and fun facts! Students will explore the US through games, hands-on STEAM projects, songs, cooking and travel "journaling".  Independent reading and writing are not necessary.

When: Tuesdays 9:45-10:55

Teacher: Jessica de Vera Wells

Ages: 5-8

Cost: $145

Dates: Jan 9 - Apr 2 No class Feb 20

Contact Jessica with questions or to enroll.

Science & Presentation

This 12-week class will inspire little scientists through engaging children's literature read-alouds including theme of winter such as caches & alpines, plastic waste, conserving water, and types of energy.  To celebrate our learning, small groups will work together to present their work to the class.  Basic public speaking skills will be taught. Independent reading or writing is not necessary.

When: Tuesdays 11:10-12:15

Teachers: Jessica de Vera Wells

Ages: 5-8
Cost: $145
Dates: Jan 9- Apr 2 no class Feb 20

Contact Jessica with questions or to enroll.

Construction & Numbers

Chess Club

Chess Nuts of Long Island will conduct this innovative, challenging, & fun 8 week class with a Chess Tournament finale.  Chess is a lifelong game known to give children concentration, strategy skills, self-esteem, & confidence! Each class with include a Chess lesson, followed by coached playing time with instruction by a top Chess Coach from Chess Nuts.  Beginners to advanced players welcome!

Ages: 5+

Cost: $146 - 8 classes

Sessions: Wednesdays 1-2PM

Email Margarite to enroll or with questions 

Spanish Around the World

Using a variety of building materials (blocks, legos, cardboard, pipes, tubes, etc) students will use a short read-aloud to inspire their build.  Math games will follow building time, honing in on our number sense, strategy and love of numbers!

Ages 5+

Time: Fridays 1:30-2:30

Cost: $100

Dates: 8 sessions: Jan 12, 19, Feb 2, 9, Mar 1, 8, 15, Apr 5

Hola! We will be exploring Spanish cultures and language from around the world through legends, stories, meaningful art projects, and cooking recipes. We will utilize tools from Celebrate Cultures as well as Rockalingua to embrace multiculturalism, foster creativity, and inspire a love for the Spanish language and cultures. Using music, art and stories we will immerse ourselves in Español! 

Ages:  5+

Time: Fridays 2:45-3:45PM

Teacher: Jessica de Vera Wells 

Cost: $100

Dates: 8 sessions: Jan 12, 19, Feb 2, 9, Mar 1, 8, 15, Apr 5

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