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Take 2
Homeschool Collective with Farm Hands


Farm Hands' Take 2 Homeschool Collective will be hosting homeschool classes in Aquebogue in the Old Steeple Church classroom.  

Currently seeking parents and teachers with an expertise in academic as well as extracurricular areas who would like to join our team of teachers and design their own class(es) to be conducted in Take 2's Homeschool Collective's space. 

Take 2 with Farm Hands is a classroom space designed to be a cozy, flexible learning space.  Garden and playground included.

Kids Gardening


Music Choir

This 12 week program, directed by local musician Mr. G, will introduce children to the world of music through singing. The classes will be divided into 2 age groups 5-9 and 10-15.
  As students learn the songs they will also be introduced to note reading and other essential music theory skills that they will use to blend and create great cooperative music. 

The class will conclude with a choir concert in which all students will perform and will give them the opportunity to show off their newly developed techniques.

Teacher: Mr. G

Ages: 5-9; 10-12

Cost: $140


There is a minimum number of enrollees for the class to run.

A parent volunteer will be needed to stay for each class.

Contact Mr. G with questions or to enroll.

Spanish Around the World

This 12 week class will explore different countries around the world where Spanish is the dominant language.  Through games and art, we will explore their culture, geography, history and people while learning Spanish vocabulary.

Students will learn Spanish vocabulary pertaining to the studied countries as well as directional and everyday vocabulary as we listen to, read and write Spanish in our games and activities.

We will study 6 different countries over the 12 weeks.

Teacher: Ms. Jessica

Ages: 5-10

Cost: $130/12 weeks

Class sessions: Mondays 12:45-1:45

Dates: January 9 - April 17

*NO CLASS JAN 16, FEB 20, APR 10

Contact Ms. Jessica with questions or to enroll!

Public Speaking

Mystery Science

This 12-week course will build students’ confidence speaking in front of their peers about a variety of topics that range from “about me” style speeches to telling about a country of the
student’s choosing and everything in between! Informative, persuasive, and dramatic speeches will all be included in this fun class. Students will have an opportunity each week to perform a 1
to 3 minute speech, after which their peers will ask them further questions about their chosen topic. Students will eventually be able to offer their peers feedback as well as reflect on their
own speech performance. They will receive weekly constructive feedback from the teachers of the class. Students will be given handouts to assist them in their homework for the week, in preparation for next week’s class.

Teachers: Karrie Coffey & Emily Connolly
Ages: 7-12
Cost: $100
Class Sessions: Thursdays 10:00-10:45
Dates: January 5- 

Please note, minimum class enrollment must be met for class to run.

Contact Karrie with questions or to enroll!

Scientists are curious and constantly exploring and asking questions! In this 12-week course, we will be completing two units of science. In one unit, students will explore the Earth, Sun,
Moon and stars using observations of shadows and changing patterns in the sky. Students will also explore the planets of our Solar System and begin to consider what might lie beyond.
In the second unit, students will investigate features and processes of the Earth’s surface. Students explore the rapid process of volcanic eruptions! Students also explore the gradual Earth processes of weathering and erosion. They will apply their knowledge and design solutions to mitigate the impacts of these processes on humans. Lots of hand-on opportunities  and group work each week!


Teachers: Karrie Coffey, Emily Connolly, and Susie Carlin
Ages: 8-12 *please contact Emily if you would like an out of age range sibling to enroll!*
Cost: $150
Class Sessions: Thursdays 11:00-12:15
Dates: January 5 - 

Contact Emily with questions or to enroll!

Reading Club

This 12-week class will share award winning authors' books as a group, discussing writers' crafts and themes across books.  The shared book will be followed by a creative group response.


The club will also spend time reading and discussing their own books and group books.  Groups will be based on reading abilities and interests. Reading strategies for both decoding and comprehension will be built into group discussions.  Taught with a light, success driven approach, the students will be encouraged to celebrate their own progress and goals met while enjoying new authors and texts.

Teacher: Ms. Jessica

Ages: 6-11

Cost: $130

Class Sessions: Fridays 1:15-2:30

Dates: January 13 - April 21

*NO CLASS FEB 24, APRIL 7 & 14

Contact Jessica below with questions or to enroll.

Math Games &
Lego Construction

This 12-week class will give students the opportunity to fine-tune and learn new math skills while socializing with peers.  The math games will reach varying levels and skills, strengthen mental math and focus on the application of skills in real-world situations. 


The second piece of the class will let students explore their creative, logical and reasoning sides while constructing with miscellaneous Legos.  Each class will build on the prior classes, allowing for strategic planning and thoughtful next steps. Students will be encouraged to collaborate with their peers and provide reasoning and purpose for their designs.  

Teacher: Ms. Jessica

Ages: 6+

Cost: $130

Class Sessions: Fridays 2:30-3:45

Dates: January 13 - Aril 21

 *NO CLASS FEB 24, APRIL 7 & 14

Contact Jessica below with questions or to enroll. 

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